MiniTool Power Data Recovery 8.7 Crack + Serial Key [2020]

MiniTool Power Data Recovery 8.7 Crack is an easy-to-use, free software for home users to recover all files in one. You don’t need to have the technical background to use this most powerful free file recovery tool. All steps of data recovery are just like 1-2-3, logical and simple. Only follow the phase of data recovery and you’ll be getting back your lost data. Unlike other free software for downloading files.MiniTool Power Data Recovery is extremely professional and efficient. Not only does it allow you to restore deleted files but it also restores data from damaged, reformatted hard drive. In addition, MiniTool Power Data Recovery not only restores data from the hard disk and RAID systems but also supports CD, DVD, memory card, memory stick, and flash drive data recovery.

Includes five data recovery modules – Undelete Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, Missing Partition Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, and CD / DVD Recovery. Each module of data recovery focuses on the different conditions of data loss. It is the most popular and cost-free data recovery system for consumers. We have the option of limiting the scanning to specific types of data files or similar storage. When we use it for the first time is an easy, secure and uncomplicated program, though it looks like it.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Crack With Product Key Free Download

Speed & Performance

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Crack isn’t the quickest program of its kind, but note that it does a deep scan, which produces better results. Our Rating: 9/10.

Therefore, you should be mindful that all applications for data recovery take some time to search your hard drive. And as you can imagine, this also depends on the size of the respective hard drive, the file system and the overall specifications of your PC. Using this program, we scanned our 250 GB SSD and it took about 30 minutes for this scan to finalize. Then, we picked about 500 MB of lost data and managed to get those files back in less than one minute. Our 250 GB SSD was tested in about 20 minutes while checking out one of their direct competitors. This means that MiniTool Power Data Recovery isn’t the fastest solution to data recovery.


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The main screen offers 5 different modes that you can use to recover deleted files.

These are:

Undelete Recovery

Use this mode after the file has been accidentally deleted. This mode performs a prompt disk scan.

Lost Partition Recovery

This mode is used to recover data from a partition that was accidentally deleted, whether it is by installing an operating system or by deleting it directly.

Digital Media Recovery

This mode can be used for the recovery of files from devices such as iPods, flash drives, etc.

CD/DVD Recovery

The name itself shows what is used for this model. It enables the recovery of files deleted from optical disks such as CDs and DVDs.

Damaged Partition Recovery

Carries out a deep partition check. The main advantage of this mode is that there is a high chance that even if the partition is RAW or corrupted you would be able to recover files. The slight downside with this model is that it takes a great deal of time depending on the partition power.


If you are connected to the internet, you can get support by choosing’ Technical Help’ on the welcome screen. You are then taken to the Technical Support page of Minitool where you can peruse their FAQs, case studies and user manuals. If you need direct assistance with the app, you can also talk with them on the website, or contact them directly.


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