Tiny Media Manager 3.1.7 Full Version Free Download for windows

Tiny Media Manager 3.1.7 :

Small Media Manager is a lightweight but sturdy program that will enable you to efficiently and effectively manage all your media files. The application can retrieve all the necessary data for your media files and movies from various media online sources, such as IMDb.com, zeolide.com, The Movie DB RRG, off dot. And movie meter dot NL. Besides, the program will also download posters and fanart from Fanart.tv and TheMovieDB.org websites. The application includes an image selector that lets you select which images to download. Metadata can be manually edited if needed. TinyMediaManager offers a list of HD-Trailers.com and movie trailers available from TheMovieDB.org. With just a mouse click, you can launch the web browser and watch the containers within the program.
Tiny Media Media Manager lets you organize your media files on a broad scale, offering you easy and fast access to your movies.

Tiny Media Manager 3.1.7 Full Version Free Download for windows

Tiny Media Manager 3.1.7 Full Version Free Download for windows




When you first start TinyMedia Manager, a setup wizard prompts you to provide a resource that contains your video files, such as a local or network drive. Add your media location and then wait for the space to be scanned with TinyMedia Media Manager. This may seem obvious, but to add a network drive as a source, it is necessary to install the network drive on your existing machine. You can’t just export the volume as NFS, or share it with Samba, and it may pop up on Tiny Media Manager on another device. The computer running “tinyMediaManager” should “see” the drive as an available location. If you are not viewing your media drive in Tennis Media Manager, make sure you are viewing it on your client machine first! The setup wizard also gives you the choice of the metadata format you want to create. If you do not know, then it is probably safe to use the default.


  • Automatically searches and downloads metadata from the web.
  • File sorting and contains a wide range of management options.


  • Added another 800 rough languages.
  • Added a filter for general audio channel setup.
  • Option to exclude artwork from VSMETA on “Update data source.”
  • Added the M3U Export Template.
  • Column added for the (movie) sorting title.
  • Fixed artwork removal due to a recently modified artwork URL.
  • Storage of duplicate episodes.
  • Pre-set all artwork/trailer/subtitle scrapers at first start.
  • Do not move the language to Trakt.tv’s search engine to improve search results.
  • Set the default TVDB ID in NFO # 810
  • The finished archiving the order because we can’t store it completely.
  • Review movie extras in depth.


  • Once you’ve added the data sources, update to Movies.
  • Data Sources or TV Shows> Update Data Sources.
  • The program scans the directory and includes a movie.
  • For each file, information is pulled from an online database such as
  • TheMovieDB, IMDB, or OFDb.
  • Statistics are automatically added, so you don’t have to do anything about it.
  • You can manually edit the information.
  • You can add other information to the data set if you want.
  • As far as data is concerned, plenty appears.
  • The program highlights the existence of NFO files, trailers, photos.
  • Different types of information are provided for each movie.


  • Metadata.
  • Write NFO compatible with Cody and media portal.
  • Media Learn Media (via Medinfo).
  • File Import of robust file structure.
  • Arrange movies in movie sets.
  • Arrange artwork for movie sets.
  • Automatically assign movies to movie sets.

Highly Compressed:

Tiny Media Manager video resolution and format, and audio format are featured prominently. Below you will find information about the crew, cast, and plot, detailed media information, ratings, a list of all media files, artwork, and trailers. The essential information is for TV shows. Here you find the video resolution and format as well as the used audio format. Subtitles, photos, and NFO files are highlighted, and you also get information about cast and media. Movies or shows may not be recognized correctly for the first time. You can search for the movie manually or semi-automatically to fill in the missing pieces. All you need to do is right-click on the media file in question and select the search and scrap option.

What to do before you install Tiny Media Media Manager?

First, don’t rush to drag Tiny Media Manager into the trash. Before investing, you are assumed to get enough of an app if it is running; otherwise, the uninstall may fail or trigger an error message. There are several options for you to opt-out of TinyMedia Media Manager:

  • Right-click on the dock’s icon, and select the Quit option.
  • Bring Tiny Media Media Manager to the desktop and choose the Skip to Apple menu option.
  • Launch Activation Monitor from Dot, Launchpad, or Spotlight> Type Tiny Media Manager in the search box> select.
  • TinyMedia Manager action> click the “X” button in the upper left corner> hoose a force enough.

Product Keys:

  • W2W-3E4T67I90-P-OIU8T6I
  • RE32-W3ET678I-9O0I98YT5
  • R434-5R67Y890-OI98Y6E43

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